Was the last 7-11 before Greg’s house, back in the 1980s Originally uploaded by Wade Rockett

After reading 7-eleven.com’s “81st Birthday Press Release“, I noticed something rather disturbing…. It’s true Winnipeg, we’ve lost our throne as “SLURPEE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD

From 7-eleven.com:

Every day is Slurpee Day in Kennewick, Wash., recently crowned the new Slurpee capital of the world, but on Free Slurpee Day, 7-Eleven Franchisee Don Marriotto expects his store to be swamped. “Even though we will be giving away free Slurpee drinks on 7-Eleven Day, July 11 also will be our biggest Slurpee sales day of the year,” he said. “We will have customers lined up outside waiting to get in the store and to the Slurpee machine to create their favorite frozen concoction.”

Marriotto’s number-one Slurpee-selling store offers 12 different flavors of the popular beverage, and he expects to have the local ABC-TV affiliate broadcasting from their store that birthday morning.

A very sad day indeed :( I’m picking up a large G-Force Slurpee on the way home!! Watch out Kennewick, Wash., we’re coming back with a vengeance!!

UPDATE 07/10/08: We’re STILL Number 1!!! Hit Read more for the update!



UPDATE July 9, 2008 Ken:
Ace Burpee’s Blog has reported that though 7-eleven.com states that Kennewick Wash. has been crowned the new Slurpee Capital of the World, there is something fishy about the statement. Click here to read his analysis on the story.

Kennewick only has a population of approx. 55,000 and one 7-eleven… making their 7-eleven the busiest 7-eleven in North America. So Winnipeg may still have the most Slurpee sales in the WORLD, but it looks like they want to move their marketing campaign to Kennewick Wash. who has the busiest 7-eleven in North America which they have crowned the new Slurpee Capital of the World. I assume that there will be an official statement or crowing this Friday, perhaps 7-eleven will shed some light for us.



UPDATE July 9, 2008 #2 Ken:
Steve Adams made a call to the 7-11 in Kennewick this morning and the owner says that they ARE the new Slurpee capital of the world and they have a banner coming up already that reads “MOVE OVER MANITOBA!” hahaha

Well just recently, Steve Adams made another phone call to the 7-11 head office here in Winnipeg. They assured us that our sales are WAY in front and we have 5 stores in Winnipeg alone that have sold more Slurpees than Kennewick. Winnipeg Head Office assures us that the title is still safe!!

I guess we have to wait and see what happens. The Crown is usually officially announced around the 7/11 anniversary day.



UPDATE July 10, 2008 CheryL: We’re STILL Number 1!!!

For the past couple days, there has been some disturbing rumors floating around that Winnipeg has lost its title as “Slurpee Capital of the World.”

Apparently, the small city of Kennewick, Washington has taken our title, but it has been confirmed that Winnipeg is STILL the Slurpee Capital of the World!

It is Winnipeg’s NINTH consecutive year receiving this honor, and tomorrow, Winnipeg will officially be named the market with the highest annual sales and consumption on the planet!!

Congratulations Winnipeg =)



 UPDATE July 10, 2008 Huy: Move Over Manitoba ?!?!?!?!

Steve Adams from Hot 103 recently stepped out and called the Don “Slurpee King” Mariotto from Kennewick to confront him about thier recent theft of our proud title. Don also will be hanging a banner that will say “Move Over Manitoba” to rub it in. The conversation is posted on Ace Burpee’s Blog and the direct link is below. Seems this competition just got a little hotter, stay tuned for updates.