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Folklorama Kick-Off is taking place Saturday, August 2, 2008 at The Forks. The event is starting at 6pm and will feature numerous international performers. The night will end off with Fireworks. The cost? FREE!

Folkorama week one pavilions will be opening their doors August 3, 2008 with 24 pavilions. Folklorama will run until August 16th. Week two will begin August 10th.

A little excerpt from my the top 5 festivals:

Folklorama gives people a chance to experience different cultures from around the world. This is the only festival of it’s kind in Canada. Each week has a different set of pavilions and each pavilion does 30 to 60 minute “shows” every day of the week, multiple times a day. The shows are made up of singing, dancing and other arts/entertainment that is specific to the culture. Before and after the show you can sample the local cuisine and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) or pick up some culture related merchandise. Folklorama has something for everyone!