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Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg isn’t just breaking necks in the independent film world, it’s also spawning new film contests over in Britain.

Filmmakers are tasked to submit a 3 minute short of/about their hometown. They are being asked to be as “experimental and creative as you dare”. Guy Maddin will be joining the panel of judges and will be awarding someone with probably the sweetest prize any U.K. citizen could ever ask for. $3,000 cash and trip for two to Winnipeg MB. Canada!

While the prize may not seem like a lot (especially for someone who’s coming from Britain), we have to keep in mind that the person winning this is at least going to be a fan of these.. types.. of films, If not a fan of My Winnipeg itself. I personally don’t like apricots, nor do I care for how they are made. Although, I’m sure if you took someone who loved apricots to an apricot-making factory, they’d have a grand time. Skedoosh.