Welcome to Winnipeg Originally uploaded by Dano

We already know we’re getting new highway signs. Along with them, a new one-liner to impress our visitors. Our Mayor, Sam Katz, revealed the chosen top 5 selections.

The 10 blue and gold signs along our city limits have stood since 1990. “One Great City” was good… I guess… but what do we think of these?

* Heart of the Country.
* City of Opportunity.
* Centre of it All.
* Heart of the Continent.
* No new slogan — just put up new “Winnipeg” signs.

That’s right. One choice that the committee has brought up is to not have a slogan at all. What do we think? You can voice your love (or distaste) here in the comments. If you wanna get your vote in though, you can email feedback@winnipeg.ca or mail/drop off your vote to Welcome to Winnipeg, c/o Mayor’s Office, Council Building, 510 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1B9.