Wet Skatepark 021 Originally uploaded by Dave Scrimshaw

I feel that there is nothing more enjoyable than an empty skatepark. The best time to go in my opinion is really late at night, around 2 am-ish. That’s because nobody is around, your free to do whatever you want, every staircase is yours to ollie off of, ever rail is yours to grind on. Plus the added benefit of nobody watching you. But can nobody watching you be a good or a bad thing? For safety reasons it’s not a really good idea to be alone at the skatepark.

Last night there were 3 separate incidents at The Forks skatepark (a.k.a. “The Plaza”) where people were assaulted. In each case 2 males approached the victims and asked for a cigarette or some spare change. When the victims didn’t co-operate they were assaulted. The weapon used by the suspects? A crutch that they were carrying.

One victim sustained serious injuries to his upper body, another was forced off his bike. The bike was then stolen from the victim. The third was also assaulted in a similar manor. Thankfully both male suspects are in police custody.

Things to have when your at any Skatepark…
A friend. Always use the buddy system, they enforced it in kindergarten for a reason :)
A Cell phone. If there is trouble (assault or a serious injury ) always have one on you.

Accesswinnipeg always encourages everyone to play safe :)

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