My “Bottled Water” Originally uploaded by dannyman

I was watching the news a few days ago, and saw that some cities within Canada are taking up a ban against all bottled water being sold at city facilities, and it looks like Winnipeg may soon follow.

Harvey Smith, “the Daniel McIntyre councillor plans to table a motion when council next meets on Sept. 24 banning bottled water throughout the network of municipal buildings and facilities.”

This means you won’t be able to get bottled water at any city-run facilities, such as the Pan-Am Pool and community centers. They would be removed from consession stands and vending machines.

People are on the fence about this decision. I personally like bottled water. It’s convenient to grab when i’m thristy, and i’d rather have bottled water than pop, but at the same time, i won’t be devasted if I can’t get one.  Oh well..We’ll see come September 24th I guess..