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We had the opportunity to attend the first Girlicious show last night at Blush Ultraclub, and it was well worth every minute! If you are not attending tonight’s show, then you don’t know what you are missing!

The first thing that impressed me the most was the security. Since this was a under-18 show security was top notch as it always is at Blush. We had VIP entrance, but VIP or not, everyone went through a full security search. I even had to remove my shoes at security check to ensure I wasn’t hiding anything inside it. Huge recognition goes out to Blush, Sound Republic and FTH Entertainment for making sure that security was on its game that night!

No alcohol was served at the show, and no alcohol was even on the premises. Not even VIP, or anyone special was able to obtain alcohol at the show. There were no exceptions. You were however able to purchase pop, juice, and water for $2.50. They also had shot glasses there which I was told was for ‘Fake Shooters’

It was a VERY different atmosphere at Blush that night, no drunk people running a round and causing a ruckus, simply a room filled with teenage girls drunk off their love for Girlicious. Rants of ‘Girlicious, Girlicious, Girlicious’ came from the crowd as they anxiously awaited their favorite artists.

Jamie of FTH Entertainment and their resident DJ did an AMAZING job keep the crowd under control while Girlicous got ready for their 5 song set. Girlicous would not hit the stage until 12:07am, but the FTH and Sound Republic staff did a GREAT job keeping the crowd informed and entertained during the long wait.

They also introduced a special guest who was watching from the VIP balcony, Howie from the Backstreet Boys! The room went CRAZY when they saw him! Girlicious and Backstreet Boys are in the middle of a cross-Canada tour right now, unfortunately the Backstreet Boys do not have a show here in Winnipeg, but it is safe to say the boys and Girlicious are traveling together and that all the boys are probably here right now as a stop over before their show in Regina tomorrow.

Perhaps all the Backstreet Boys will make an appearance at the show tonight! Only way to know for sure is to head to Blush, tickets will be available at the door and it should be a GREAT show!

Special thanks goes out to Stephen from Sound Republic for getting our crew and contest winners in. Shout out to our good friend Jamie from Feel Tha Heat Entertainment for proving he can always put on a great show! Look forward to more great shows coming from Sound Republic and Feel Tha Heat Entertainment coming VERY soon!

Oh, and before I forget, shout out to Nicole from Girlicous. We made eye contact and she waved at me ;) Oli and I are still debating whether she waived at me or him.

Hit the jump (Read more) for all the goodies. Amazing Photos from Oli, our official Photographer. And High Definition video from Huy, our official Videographer. Huge thanks goes out to Oli and Huy as well, its not easy to get great shots when you are in the middle of hundreds of screaming teenage Girlicious fans!!

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Howie From Backstreet Boys Watching Girlicious Live @ Blush


Girlicious – Stupid Shit Live @ Blush


Girlicious – Still in Love Live @ Blush


When We Say Girl, Ya’ll Say Licious!


Girlicious – Here I Am Live @ Blush


Girlicious – Liar Liar @ Blush


Girlicious – Like Me Live @ Blush


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