The opening ceremonies will air LIVE at 6:30 PM on NBC (Channel 6 on SHAW and MTS). Canadian coverage of the opening ceremonies will also be available on CBC (Channel 2 on SHAW and MTS) Above is the Official Welcome Music Video of the 2008 Olympics – Check out Jackie Chan at the 1:20 mark!

Its going to be a lot of fun to watch these amazing athletes go at it! Can’t wait for Beach Volleyball (Kicks off August 8) and Basketball (Kicks off August 10)

Head to the forums to check out TEAM USA BASKETBALL’s schedule.

Hit the jump to watch a 5 part Discovery Channel documentry on Beijing’s Makeover for the 2008 Olympics!

More great features on the Beijing Olympics can be found on youtube. Click here to watch some of my favorites!

Beijing 4th Olympic Cultural Festival Closing Ceremony Originally uploaded by andymiah