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Winnipeg’s Jayson Lyon surprised the world today when he eliminated 2 favors in the Beijing Olympic Games to advanced to the men’s individual Round of 8.

Jayson Lyon ranked No. 47 in the individual ranking rounds which put him against No. 18-ranked Chinese archer, Xue Hai Feng In the Round of 32. Lyon notched six bullseyes compared to Xue’s four to win 111 to 106 and advance to the Round of 16.

Photo from“He was really on,” said former two-time Canadian Olympic archer, Rob Rusnov. “To upset China on their own turf, from a 47th to an 18th perspective, I can’t even put it into words. It’s remarkable.”

Jayson Lyon would then go on to meet American Brady Ellison in the Round of 16. Brady Ellison was ranked No. 15 after individual ranking rounds. Lyon would hit six bullseyes in the match… American Brady Ellison would hit none. The final score was 113 to 107 with Lyon advancing to the Round of 8.

“Upsetting the U.S. on any day in archery for Canada is a big deal,” said Rusnov. “They’re definitely a better archery nation than we are.”

Jayson Lyon’s fellow Canadians would not be as fortunate. Toronto native J.D. Burnes ranked No. 50 would lose 111-89 in the Round of 32 to none other than Brady Ellison of USA.

Crispin Duenas of Scarborough, Ont. was Ranked No. 16 and was Canada’s favor in the competition. But Duenas would also fall short and be eliminated in the Round of 32. Duenas would loose to a bullseyes from Magnus Petersson of Sweden in a double overtime shootoff.

Let’s all cheer for Jayson on August 15 when the Round of 8 resumes. Jayson will face off against Russia’s Bair Badnov.