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Having subletting numerous apartments, I find that I have constantly received calls from people desperately trying to find an apartment that is dog friendly. I have yet to see one. On the other hand it’s not a hard to find places with cats if you really look, but most of the time you have to sneak them in.

The Doer government plans to introduce new legislation that will encourage landlords to allow tenants to have pets. The changes will allow landlords to charge a larger damage deposit to cover anything that may be ruined because of an animal. Currently, the legislation prevents landlords from charging more than 50% of rent for a damage deposit.

This has been implemented in Ontario for quite some time now. I can’t believe it has taken this long for us to realize how beneficial this is. Especially for the animals. The Humane Society took in 5640 cats and 2000 dogs last year Many of those were simply not allowed to move into an apartment building. Hopefully that number will drop significantly next year.