Jersey City – Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Originally uploaded by wallyg

Rapid transit can mean a lot of things. For us, it means a dedicated transit vein between key, or otherwise not so direct with standard transit, locations withing the city.

Dedicated bus and bicycle lanes will be opened up between The Forks in downtown Winnipeg to Jubilee Avenue in southern Winnipeg, marking what the city says is the first phase. The next planned phase will setup to connect Jubilee Avenue to Bison Drive, near the University of Manitoba. The basic idea of the system is connect high-density residential areas along the stops of one transit line.

Mayor Katz is hopeful that a light rail system can still happen. “That’s certainly also a positive step, because the way it’s being proposed to be built, it allows for either bus rapid transit or light rail… Down the road, if the governments are in a position to fund it, we can be looking at light rail in Winnipeg, too.”