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OK, so I really like driving my car on a clean city road but what I don’t like is when the city puts up “No Parking” signs on nearly every side street near my place so that it’s impossible to find a parking spot.

On top of that, they keep the signs up for a couple days while NOT EVEN CLEANING MY STREET. Guess what? Even though they have no intention of cleaning my street one night, they will still ticket me if I park on the street.

Here’s an idea that will blow City Hall’s mind…

Clean the residential streets DURING THE DAY. That’s right…when people are at work! I know it seems like a radical idea but just try it.

Click ‘Read More’ to see the email I got last night.

Please be advised:

The City’s fall clean-up of streets will begin early Monday morning, October 27, 2008, weather permitting , and will target areas of Winnipeg where the accumulation of leaves is particularly heavy.

Residents are urged not to rake grass clippings, leaves or other debris onto the streets as they can plug the street drains. Plugged drains cause water ponding problems on the street, and could also increase the risk of basement flooding by causing water to drain into the wastewater sewer through manhole covers.

Motorists are advised that temporary “No Parking” signs will be placed in areas where parked cars pose a problem to sweeping. Vehicles parked at “No Parking’ signs will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

The street cleanup is expected to take two weeks to complete.

Residents are encouraged to help out with the cleanup by raking and bagging the leaves adjacent to their properties and transporting the bags to one of the 10 Leaf It With Us recycling depots throughout the city.

For the depot locations and hours of operation, residents can:
• Call the Water and Waste Department Customer Service Centre at 986-5858;
• Call the 24 hour recorded information line at 986-8888, code 9813; or
• Visit the City’s web site at