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Welcome to CrimeStat. Winnipeg’s own crime tracking website. An easy to use website that tracks the types of crime our city has to deal with, broken down into districts. Like any database though, it will be updated according to reported cases… reported cases that meet the definitions of the crimes they are indeed said of being. Confused? Not yet you’re not.

Unlike murders or thefts, the site will only record sexual assault reports where the victim did not know or have any relation with the assailant. It kinda makes sense. The site admins seem to feel that if you know the person, regardless of time or place, if they’re going to assault you sexually, they probably will. That the assault made doesn’t represent how bad an area is because you knew them, and it would’ve happened in any area regardless. Which also doesn’t make sense, because of something called First Degree Murder. Would a premeditated murder not represent your area? Anyone got any thoughts on this one? Should the site list all reported counts of all crimes regardless of the relationships between those involved?

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