Armin Van Buuren Originally uploaded by Napalm filled tires gave us the honor of attending the Armin Van Buuren show earlier this week. I have to admit that trance isn’t my top choice for music to listen to, but after seeing Armin Van Buuren on Tuesday night that just may change.  Blush’s dance floor was packed like I have never seen before, and I’ve been to Blush my fair share of times. 

I didn’t know any song titles that Armin played, but it was so easy to just get caught up in the beat.  Whether you were tearing it up on the dance floor, or sitting down and taking the music in, you would be moving and bobbing to the beats.

This was my first show where a DJ was the main event and not a band or singer, and I have to say, Armin was more entertaining that quite a few other concerts I’ve been to.  I hope our winner Richard aka NBK had as good a time as I did at the show.