Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV705 Originally uploaded by William Hook

If you haven’t heard the news already, Ontario is ready to implement the “No Technology Distractions Inside Your Vehicle While You Drive” law. Many places in the States already implement this law, so don’t be surprised if it comes to Manitoba VERY soon. What does this mean to us? No talking or texting on your cellphone while you drive. The only exemption is if you have a handsfree kit such as a bluetooth headset.

If you’re not on the bluetooth wagon yet then we got an awesome deal for you. Sony Ericsson has a mail-in rebate program going on between October 1 and December 31 for the following Bluetooth Headsets:
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HBH-PV703 – $10 Rebate
HBH-PV708 – $15 Rebate
HBH-PV712 (regular and style edition) – $25 Rebate
HBH-PV835 and PV840 – $25 Rebate
HBH-GV435a – $25 Rebate
HCB-105 and HCB-120 Car Kits – $25 Rebate
MBS-100 Speaker – $25 Rebate


Most Sony Ericsson bluetooth headsets can work on almost any device with bluetooth and not just Sony Ericsson phones (Yes, it will work on your iPhone)

The best LOCAL deal right now is a HBH-PV703 at BestBuy for only $29.99! Subtract $10 from that and its only $19.99 after mail-in rebate! You can find the mail in rebate form here.

I just picked up a HBH-PV703 for my Playstation 3 so I can start talking some smack while playing NBA 2K9 and COD4. Since Bestbuy is a bit too far for me I decided to grab it at the Pembina Futureshop location which currently has it for $61.00. I tried to price match Bestbuy to save a few extra bucks with the 10% difference but supposedly ‘Futureshop will only match Bestbuy and will not give 10% difference’. Is this true?!?

Another note, for anyone who decides to grab on of these – please DO NOT wear them in public! I can’t stress enough how weird it is to see people walking around with these in their ears like its a fashion accessory – when really, it’s like the fanny pack of year 2000’s.