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With the strike entering its second week with no signs of entering an agreement, the Winnipeg Free Press has answer a few of its customers questions online.

Q: Will I be charged for my newspaper delivery during the strike?
A: No. Charges for newspaper delivery are suspended during the strike period. If you have prepaid your account, you will receive a credit.

Q: I am going on vacation, can I place a vacation stop at this time?
A: Yes, simply e-mail us or call 697-7001 to do so.

Q: If I mail a contest entry, will it be entered into the contest draw?
A: Yes, we do have staff maintaining the contests and all entries are being received and entered. Please check on line for contests to enter for movie passes or upcoming concerts at our contest website.

Q: What is happening with the Westjet contest? Is it cancelled?
A: The Fly Free print contest is not over! We will reprint the game board for Week 5 on the first available Friday and all subsequent game pieces thereafter once we resume publishing the Free Press. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience, but rest assured the Fly Free print contest is not over. In the meantime, the Fly Free Online contest is still going, so enter today for a chance at daily and weekly prizes. Upon completion of the online contest, keep coming back to this site for the weekly Bonus Code!

Q: What has happened with my Hockey Draft entry?
A: All hockey draft entries that were mailed by the posted deadline or dropped off prior to Monday, Oct. 13 at noon have been received and forwarded to the correct party.

The Winnipeg Free Press will add to the list over time as needed. Head to the Winnipeg Free Press website for updates.