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When I was young enough to Trick or Treat, I remember sporting a Unicef box. Whether it be that people don’t support Unicef’s policy on birth control or that children were being assaulted for pennies it seems that this tradition has slowly been phased out.

I’m far to old to trick or treat — So I used the opportunity to relive childhood by collecting canned goods for Harvest. I slapped on my Uhura costume and headed out with a few friends throughout my neighborhood — Osborne Village.

We were a bit skeptical about the idea at first. Mostly thinking that people would see us as starving students trying to get a box of KD (which I’m far from). A bit more preparation would be have been smarter and having Winnipeg Harvest’s official support.

In 30 minutes, 12 houses we managed to collect a medium sized suitcase of canned goods, a fall down some stairs, and have a few good chats with neighbors. Seemed like a success to me! Next year I think we may put in far more planning to do the same.

Anyone have other creative and fun ways to give back to the community during Halloween or other Holidays?