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It’s been too long for some — but Hooters is now open at their new location 1501 St. James Street.  I popped in last Monday for Monday Night Football and chowed down on the yummy curly fries and had a couple of pitchers of *puke* Bud Light *puke*.  Order it though, the waitresses benefit, and who wouldn’t want to help the lovely ladies out?

Not much has changed with the move, the Hooters girls are still there.  There are better placements of televisions and a larger bar area than the old location.

Here is the lowdown on Monday Night Football (or MNF if you are American or just love acronyms):

*Hosted by wheeler and Hal from power 97
*Reservations available – tables go quickly
*Weekly competition for prizes at half time. ex. hoola hoop howl, wing eating competition
*Door prizes (winning tickets under stools/seats or hidden in balloons)
*Draws for additional prizes at 2min warning of 4th quarter.
*Ability to sign up for MNF and attend no less than 14 of 16 reg season games and the super bowl can win a trip to pro bowl in Hawaii. The draw will take place at half time of the super bowl.

I had the joys of watching first a super spicy wing eating competition followed by bobbing for apples to get into the Halloween spirit.