Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! Videos and Photos from all the local dance crews at Reprezent 2008.

I want to give a huge congratulations to and all the Winnipeg dance crews for making this a night to remember. It was one of the biggest dance showcases I have ever attended and every single crew stepped it up to show the world that Winnipeg’s dance culture is up there with everyone else.

The Centennial Concert Hall was a full house on the warm Remembrance Day. The show started on time and move forward at a perfect pace. The host from Bun Down Sound kept the night alive giving background introductions to all the dance crews so we could learn a bit about their story and history. Bun Down did an amazing job with the sound that night as well. The only small mishap was that the front speakers weren’t turned on for the first dance performance, but it was fixed immediately and there would be no technical difficulties for the remainder of the night.

If you missed this live event, then you may have missed the greatest dance showcase of 2008 (or possibly ever in Winnipeg!) – but SoundRepublic stated that they have one more big dance bash before the end of the year, the Americas Best Dance Crew Tour in December. Crews such as Super Cr3w, So Real, Fanny Pack, and many more will be at the Pantages this December so stay tuned for more information!

Dangerous Goods and Sikat were my favorites of the night. Dangerous Good tore the stage up by keeping it real to their bboy roots. Sikat FILLED the stage up (literally) but kept in sync throughout the whole performance. It takes a lot of discipline to have a full stage and still keep it together – hats of to Sikat for making it work, it came together beautifully!

What was your favorite local performance of Reprezent 2008?

  • Sikat (21%)
  • Dangerous Goods (20%)
  • Soul Defy (18%)
  • Dummy Squad (11%)
  • Define Movement (10%)
  • Un1te (7%)
  • Synergy (5%)
  • Paradox (4%)
  • No Silence (2%)
  • Kick It Crew (2%)
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If you are looking for photos and videos of the Jabbawockeez, you can find them on our previous post.

Hit the jump for all the videos and photos from our Videographer Huy, and Photographer Oli.

* All these videos are streaming via 720p HD. If it is loading too slow, click on the video while its playing to get a lower quality via

Kick It Crew @ Reprezent 2008

No Silence @ Reprezent 2008

Soul Defy @ Reprezent 2008

Synergy @ Reprezent 2008

Paradox @ Reprezent 2008

Dummy Squad @ Reprezent 2008

Sikat @ Reprezent 2008

Define Movement @ Reprezent 2008

Un1te Dance Company @ Reprezent 2008

Dangerous Goods Collective @ Reprezent 2008

Photos from Reprezent 2008