Construction Signs Originally uploaded by incurable_hippie

Okay so for the past few months I’ve been driving home from work and noticing a new building being put up on Mandalay. They have been working on the new building for quite some time now and I’ve been playing a little game in my head trying to guess what the new building could possibly be.

After the closing of M&M video in the nearby strip mall it led me to believe that the new building could have been a new Blockbuster or some other video rental chain. But I was wrong. After a few weeks of construction I noticed a couple of garage doors on each side of the building, which then set me on a different path. Could it possibly be a new car wash? Perhaps a new buggy bath would open up in my area, which would be sweet because the neighborhood could use a new coin-op. Just as I thought that my guess was correct a new piece of the puzzle fell into place. (Perhaps the most important.) As I drove by the site this morning I noticed new gas pumps had been installed.

Yes a new “Tempo Gas Station” complete with car wash will be opening in the Maples area soon. I guess it’s about time. The old little shack of a Tempo that sits about 15 feet away from the construction site is long overdue for a makeover!