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In the latest comic book, Batman R.I.P., Batman/Bruce Wayne breathes his last breath as the caped crusader. In the comic, Batman is murdered by a man claiming to be his father, who he thought was dead. Simon Hurt — the leader of the shady Black Glove organization, claims he is really Dr Thomas Wayne, saying he faked his own passing when Bruce was a child.

Writer Grant Morrison says “This is the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman.” but Batman will live on with another Character filling the Batsuit.

Two likely contenders are Dick Grayson — the original Robin — or current Boy Wonder Tim Drake.

I think this is horrible! The whole Batman series lives and thrives off the fact that Bruce’s parents were murdered! Now that it is revealed that his dad is really alive and faked his own death completely ruins it for me!

Thanks Aidz for the tip.