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So on Saturday I watched the movie ‘Twilight’ which had a lot of hype behind it. The box office results today showed strong numbers with the movie grossing $70.5 million on its opening weekend.

I had no background at all on this movie. I had no idea what it was about or the history behind it. This movie experience for me was one of a kind. In my 20 years of watching movies in the theaters, I have never experienced ANYTHING like this in my life – And I’m not talking about the MOVIE!! Hit read more to read about my experience.

We watched a late 9:50 PM show on Saturday night. Knowing this movie had a lot of buzz around it we showed up at 9 PM. As soon as we got there we were shocked to see a medium sized line already formed beside the theater. As we started to walk towards that line the attendant stopped us and went “Sorry, that is the line for the 10:20 show, your line up is back there.” There at the back of the hallway was a line 4 times bigger that filtered out to the emergency exit.

Around 9:20 PM we were let into the theater. Despite the size of the line, we were still able to get ‘great’ seats. The mood in the theater was already unlike your average trip to a movie. There were lots of giggling… lots of ‘loud’ talking… and a lot of excitement. It almost reminded me of a concert for a big name artist making his/her first appearance in Winnipeg.

At 9:50 PM, the lights got dim and all the sudden the whole theater goes BANANAS… screaming and cheering like the Backstreet Boys were about to grace the stage. I am still confused at this point! What is the big deal? Is this movie really THAT good?

After a few trailers the Cineplex ‘Featured Presentation’ clip played and the theater went even CRAZIER than before! Please, do not take my caps-lock as over exaggeration. I swear it felt like we were in a Backstreet Boys concert… I even think a girl was crying in the back from all the excitement.

I am still confused at this point. Why is this moving causing all these teenage girls to go crazy?!?! Well I concluded that there must be some ‘Hot Guy’ in the movie. Then 10 minutes into the movie my theory was proven correct. As soon as the main character of the movie, Edward, graced the screen – the whole theater roared like Lions feasting on Lambs. The girl that was crying when the movie started probably fainted by now. And over hundred times in the theater echoed ‘OMG!!! HESSSSSS SO CUTE!!!!! HES SO DREAMY!!”

The rest of the movie would be a disaster for me. Everytime a new character was introduced the whole theater would cheer and I would go WTF? There was one scene where a lady walked by in the restaurant, and for some reason the whole theater started to cheer. Would this lady have some relevance later on in the movie? Nope! She never appeared again. Every single scene in the movie would be preceded by a different teenage girl going “OMG… ITS THIS SCENE” and “OMG… ITS THE PART WITH THE CAR…” and “OMG… HERE IT COMES!!!!” All small pieces of comedy (like a girl tripping on a rock) immediately became the FUNNIEST thing these people have ever seen. The whole theater roared in laughter for the smallest things.

And yet there I sat in the theater, completely clueless to what the hell was going on!! I was immediately distracted from the movie and just became frustrated as to what was going on? Did everyone here already see the movie and is seeing for the second time?!?! Well I would do my research after the movie was over and now it finally makes sense…

It turns out that Twilight is the number one selling Young Adult novel series in CANADA! It is ready by almost every teenage girl in Canada as a ‘book report’ for school similar to the Harry Potter series. It has sold 40 million copies in North America. Wow… that completely hit me from left field. It all makes sense now. Everyone in the theater had probably read the book and were ‘super’ fans. I’m sure there was probably the same scene for Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace and the first Harry Potter.

So if you are planning on watching Twilight this week, this is my warning for you. Perhaps watch the movie later on in the month to avoid the experience I just had. The movie itself was ‘OK’ – but the constant ad-lib from die hard fans in the theater completely ruined it for me. I never felt so outcasted in my life! It was like an inside joke and everyone was laughing except me.