River rinks Originally uploaded by Dano

“The World’s Longest Skating Trail” is about to get a little longer… IF all goes to plan!

The world famous “Forks Skating Trail” is planned to extend half a mile further this year. Last year the trail extended from The Forks to Omand’s Creek which was 8.5 miles. This year The Forks is planning to extend the trail from The Forks to Assiniboine Park which will make the length of the trail 9 miles. But, (yes there is a but), ice conditions and weather will be a huge factor so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

It’ll be pretty cool to go from one facility to the other. I mean a river skate then a walk in the park, that’s a good place to take a date. It’s more romantic than “Twilight“.. ha ha ha…

Work on the trail is scheduled to start in late December and is scheduled to be completed by the first week of February.

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