car wash Originally uploaded by nicola wilcox

So, the other day I realised that it’s been almost 2 months eversince I washed my car. So to save money I opt’d for the “do it yourself wash” rather than the usual “Chamois”  treatment. My place of choice to do up the “do it yourself wash” is Blondies Car Wash.

Blondies (which is located on the corner of Kingsbury and Watson) is a pretty cool place. You can wash your car there by wand (which you pay be the minute), go through a touchless carwash, wash your laundry, and even wash your pet at the pet wash.

Anyways back to my story, the ‘lude was pretty nasty so I took it to Blondies. To my surprise they do not charge by the minute anymore. Blondies has switched over to a coin-op. This is a huge change for Blondies! I found it convinient that I was able to pay for my car washes with my debit card before but, now I have to bring a bunch of loonies. On the bright side, I only spent $4 bucks instead of the usual $6. A cool feature about the coin-op though, is that it shows you how much time you have left before the loonie runs out! Pretty sweet!