Let’s start of by giving the Centennial Concert Hall staff the accolades they deserve. For without them and their unyielding desire to help the people of Winnipeg, we wouldn’t have been able to get you all the great pictures we shot that night. Our resident photographer, Oli, arrived with everything except batteries for his camera’s flash. Being the loving and caring brother he is, he lent his camera to his younger kin only to have it returned without any juice. So here we were, in the midst of a stellar show and no way to power his flash for shots. Of course, where a lesser man would’ve crumbled under such pressure, I decided to act. Approaching Katie, a concession stand attendant, I informed her of our situation and she pointed me towards Patron Services. Without asking for anything in return, the staff handed me 2 AA batteries and saw me off with a smile. So thank you Patron Services of the CCH! Thank you Katie.

And now, on with the show…

Our host for the evening was a Filipino-American who went by the title of Alex The Great. It didn’t take him long to mention how unrelentingly fierce our weather was, comparing it to his native California climate. How convenient that the ABDC Tour would arrive on one of coldest days we’ve seen this winter. Poor Americans. He kicked off the show (or attempted to), by instigating sectional uproars within the crowd. Was it the weather? His one sided Filipino jokes? I don’t know. But the audience wasn’t too responsive. No, not until he brought out free T Shirts to throw did the crowd give him the energy he demanded. DJ Wish One from the Jabbawockeez manned the turn tables and the show’s opening acts began.

Winnipeg locals, Un1te Juniors started the night off for us and opened with an enjoyable act. Following them was a strong performance by Soul Defy. Paradox‘s opening set was mad cute, you’ll have to check the video for it. Following the opening sets, we were met more of Alex The Great’s Filipino jokes. He talked about Lechon and how he was a little big because he loved it so. He also commented on why Winnipeg had so many of Filipinos! It really is true, there are a lot of us here. He wasn’t done though. He had a whole slew of new shirts to throw away at us. After tossing some shirts to the floor, he tried throwing one to the stage right balcony… which failed. But he tried! Sometimes people don’t even try to throw to the hard to get places when giving away swag. Kudos to Alex for trying.

Next set was Winnipeg veterans, Sikat. Oh Sikat. I’m the biggest hater. But when you come on with a c-walk set to Snoop Dogg’s Who Am I? (What’s My Name?), you break me. You rob me of everything that makes me a hater by nature, and love everything you throw at me. Following them was the last of the local acts, Un1te Seniors, who finished the first half of the show with Benko’s body rolls and back side shaking still forcing it’s way into my memory.

More free stuff. We were introduced to Energy Man. His job was to run around and tease us with even more swag. I didn’t think the crowd would get any louder than that. It’s free stuff, right? ‘Till Fanny Pak took the stage. The CCH erupted in what seemingly was mindless lunacy. Fanny Pak put the sex in sensuality, with the ladies filling me with an overwhelming carnal fervor. The video doesn’t do them justice at all. They brought a style and presence to the stage I’m not used to seeing live in Winnipeg at all. Supreme Soul brought a solid set. I honestly didn’t like them at all on the ABDC show. Maybe it was the live aspect of it, but they had the maddest, most angriest popping I’ve felt in a while. No joke. SoReal Cru was a no-show and was replaced by a second performance by Fanny Pak, we are awaiting for a statement from Sound Republic as to why they didn’t make it. Last but not least, Super Cr3w. Crowned America’s Best of Season 2. A good friend once told me that Bboys ruled the world. I don’t know if I believed it then, but that DDT to headpsin double team they pulled off last night could have sealed it for me.

Who was your favorite crew at ABDC?

  • Super Cr3w (ABDC) (21%)
  • Soul Defy (WPG) (18%)
  • Un1te (WPG) (17%)
  • Fanny Pak (ABDC) (16%)
  • Sikat (WPG) (15%)
  • Supreme Soul (ABDC) (10%)
  • Paradox (WPG) (3%)
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Peep the vids from our excellent videographer, Huy. Forget that windchill warning, the show was fire.

* All these videos are streaming in 720p HD for the BEST quality available. If it is loading too slow, click on the video while its playing to get a lower quality via YouTube.com *

Un1te Juniors @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Soul Defy @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Paradox @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Sikat @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Un1te Seniors @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Fanny Pak Performance 1 @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Supreme Soul @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Fanny Pak Performance 2 @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Super Cr3w Part 1 of 2 @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Super Cr3w Part 2 of 2 @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Super Cr3w Encore @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

All Crews Freestyle Session @ America’s Best Dance Crew Tour

Photos From America’s Best Dance Crew Tour