MCIC (Manitoba Council for International Cooperation) wants you to go Fair Trade for 30 days starting February 14th (that’s Valentine’s Days for the guys who don’t have a lovely girlfriend reminding them day in and day out).

The challenge is to only consume Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate. Seems easy especially when there are so many places that offer Fair Trade.

But what is Fair Trade coffee, tea or chocolate?

Well, the Fair Trade Manitoba
website gives us a short answer (see below) and then a couple long answers (check their website).

The Short Answer

Fair Trade represents an alternative approach to conventional international trade. It is a trading partnership which supports sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers from developing nations.

To go about the challenge, you simply need to pledge to only drink coffee or tea that is Fair Trade. Same goes for your chocolate fix. Now, no one is going to post your picture at Timmy’s to see if you’re lying but if you’re concerned about Fair Trade, you’re probably an honest person. :)

Image FAIRTradeMB Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg