My girlfriend is not the type that enjoys scary movies — in fact it’s almost impossible to get her to come out to any! But I was finally able to convince her to join me for My Bloody Valentine in 3D, or RealD as it is branded.

This marks the 3rd time I’ve seen a 3D movie. Technology has gone a long way from the Red and Blue 3D glasses you get out of cereal boxes. The idea of 3D movies surfaced in the 90s, but constant headaches and discoloration from the Red and Blue glasses immediately destroyed the technology. 3D is now making a major return into the scene with glasses that only have a slight gray tint to them and make your movie watching experience almost flawless in 3D.

My first 3D movie was Beuwulf at the IMAX. If you ever want to experience the full effects of a 3D movie, then the IMAX is where to go. The large screen compliments the 3D effects perfectly. To learn more about IMAX 3D check out this video.

The second I watched was Bolt 3D at Silver City Polo Park. The glasses they give you at Silver City are disposable, so they are no way near as cool as the ones at the IMAX. The screen at Silver City is also a lot smaller than the ones at IMAX so you do not get the full experience of being hugged by the screens size. The smaller screen also gave me a slight headache.

My Bloody Valentine 3D at Silver City Polo Park was a better experience for me. We got there 1 hour early but the theatre filled quick. The best seats in the house are usually the closer seats that can fill your vision with the screen (not too close that you snap your neck). When watching a 3D movie, you want the screen to cover your vision as much as possible so you can get the full 3D experience.

The movie was not your typical scary movie, you can tell that much of the movie was made to show off 3D effects. It was similar to Beuwulf, where the movie was cool in 3D, but was horrible in 2D. If you are looking for a movie that will scare you to hell, then you probably want to see the new Friday the 13th that was teased before the movie. But if you are looking for a nice thrill ride with great special effects then I would recommend My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Everyone has a Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Sister or Brother who just can’t stand scary movies, but this is definitely a great chance to get them to come out! My girlfriend, who is horrified of scary movies, was able to survive it with no problems. Watch out for those trailers though! Those trailers at the beginning of the movie were way scarier than the movie itself!

DreamWorks Animation has just recently announced that all their future feature films will all be in 3D. I only fear that companies will be so focused on 3D effects that they forget to stay true to the movies storyline. If it comes to the point that 3D movies are only good in 3D — then the future of movies will be in danger.

Image 17: My Bloody Date Night 3D Originally uploaded by jk5854