” So HELP me, please someone come quick, I think that I’m losing it… Forgive me I inherited this, from a stranger that I’ll never miss….” ♪

Alternative band “Senses Fail” come to Winnipeg On Monday April 19th 2009. Best part? They are playing at The Garrick Theater.

I’ve always enjoyed the venue. It’s not like The “burt” (aka The Burton Cummings) where you are seated. The Garrick has a huge open space for moshing and if you want there are also seats.

The band’s latest album “Life Is Not A Waiting Room” is out in stores now. If you’ve never heard of them, they kind of sound like “Taking Back Sunday“, “Thrice“,  and “Hawthorne Heights“.

Tickets are $25.50 at Ticketmaster. Click here to grab some!

Image Senses Fail Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg