Everyone has had one of these. I’ve had about 5 in the past couple months. :)

Coming from our friends at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Bad Dates is a play about single mother, Haley.

Haley, charming single mother and restaurant manager on the rise, has decided to dip her Jimmy Choos into the New York dating pool. Although she’s optimistic by nature, Haley’s faith in humanity is seriously challenged by a string of bad dates and a brush with the Romanian mafia. But then, if life always went smoothly, we wouldn’t have any stories to tell, would we?

Ticket Info: 204.942.6537 / 1.877.446.4500
Dates: February 19 – March 7, 2009
Address: MTC Warehouse, 140 Rupert Avenue at Lily
P: 204.956.1340

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