It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas time, but Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim to Win promotion.

This year they claim it’s “Bigger and Better” but I guess that all depends on how many prizes I actually win.

Their grand prize is pretty awesome with 35 Toyota Venzas…which retail for over $26K!!! There’s also 100 prizes of $10K, 1000 Toshiba laptops and 25,000 $100 gift cards. Of course the prize you’re most likely to win is one of the 31 million food prizes.

Remember, a free coffee means you can get any beverage so go for the more expensive ones. Also, free donut means cookie, pastry, muffin, etc. I really like the blueberry muffins!!!

Check out more games and chances to win on their website.

Click here to Rrroll up the rim

Image Roll up the Rim! (march 2008) Originally uploaded by deedoucette