Congratulations to our “Your Access to The Movies” contest winners! Our winners will enjoy a special advanced screening of He’s Just Not That Into You at Grant Park Theatre tonight.

We asked readers to tell us of a time that someone has told you they were ‘Just Not That Into You’… Here were the winning answers…

Linz_kerr: My now ex-boyfriend called me, and told me he actually had feelings for my best friend, who was my roomate…. who was a boy. But he still wanted to be friends?

eCabs: my buddy and I started dancing w some girls in Vegas; later on they said that they had to go to bed lol

calliesmum: It isn’t about you, your a great girl, it’s about me, I am not ready to get into a serious relationship right now and then proceeded to get engaged to a total stranger in 4 months down the road, ( marriage lasted 8 months LOL) On the other hand, persistent guys in bars that didn’t leave ME alone until they got my number( and I wasn’t into them) got my local Tele-bus number ha ha, only got caught once LOL

nuts: Well I’ve always had a “crush” on this guy who happens to be friends with my friends. We’d see each other around and but we’re never really introduced with each other. A few months later, we saw each other at the bar and started talking. Since then we we’re always together. From just hanging out, to always going to places together.. You know. He was so sweet and caring that i THOUGHT he had feelings for me! So one night he called me up saying that he wants me to come to his parents’ anniversary dinner the next day because he has a “surprise”; And that surprise is introducing his “girlfriend”.. Of course I said “ok” and got all excited thinking I was the one he was going to introduce to them.. I got all pretty the next day. My heart was pounding till before 7pm. So I went to the venue and there he was. We sat down and a few minutes later, some girl came in and HE stood up. As he got to our table he said with his arms around the girls waist: “Guys! Excuse me! Mom, Dad.. First of all I want to greet you a happy anniversary and btw.. This is my GIRLFRIEND (insert name here)..” As soon as they sat beside me, he then introduced me as his BEST FRIEND! I was so choked that I turned pale right there and then and had to run to the washroom! Right now, I just laugh about it. LOL

chillychick: I was told that it wasn’t me he didn’t like anymore, it was because my mom gave him “feelings he didn’t want to discover”… what??

underscorej: I asked a girl once if I could give her a call sometime, she looked at me and said.. “NO, I don’t like this song.” and walked away. okay then…. :S