Day 1 of the Vincent Weiguang Li trial wrapped up today at 3:36 PM. He is on trial for the brutal murder of Tim McLean while on a Greyhound Bus last July.

The trial continues tomorrow at 10am as is expected to last 3-days.

Hit the jump to read the chilling events that transpired from Winnipeg Free Press reporter Bruce Owen via twitter.

** Contains graphic material that may offend some readers **

10:28 AM: Li now in court. Lost a lot of weight. Legs and hands cuffed.

10:29 AM: Li pleaded not guilty. Crown now going thru his bckgrd.

10:31 AM: On day of McLean’s killing Li left note for wife.

10:33 AM: Note said: “I’m gone. Don’t look for me. I wish you were happy.”

10:35 AM: On bus Li distraught, talking to himself. McLean on iPod and texting friends.

10:36 AM: Outside Portage Li stabs McLean w/ blackhandled knife for no apprt reason.

10:37 AM: McLean tries to fight back, escape. Li grabs him, conts attack.

10:39 AM: Li tries to get off bus. He’s stopped. Returns to McLean to “defile” body. Beheads McLean.

10:41 AM: Witnesses see Li holding McLean’s head in one hand, knife in other. Still wants off bus.

10:43 AM: Li Mutilates McLean again with buck knife and scissors. Witness says Li says he has to stay on bus “forever”.

10:45 AM: Crown says Li also ate McLean’s body parts, lseen licking hands of blood.

10:46 AM: Li Tasered by RCMP as he tries to get off bus. Tries to take body parts w/ him.

10:48 AM: Li tells RCMP that he’s sorry. “I’m guilty. Please kill me.”

10:49 AM: RCMP find body parts and organs all over bus, some in white plastic bags.

10:51 AM: Crown says tip of knife found embedded in McLean’s severed head.

10:52 AM: McLean’s eyes never found, Crown tells court.

10:54 AM: Parts of McLean’s heart missing. Presumed Li ate 1/3 of it and eyes.

10:55 AM: Crowns says Li denies eating body parts. No other explanation.

10:56 AM: Judge Scurfield tells silent courtroom it’s time for a recess.

10:58 AM: What follows when court resumes is whether Li is insane: did not know right from wrong.

11:28 AM: court back in session

11:30 AM: Dr. Stanley Yaren on stand. Yaren one of top psychiatrists in Manitoba. He is called by Crown.

11:35 AM: Yaren to testify whether Li fit to stand trial for McLean’s murder on GH bus last July.

11:37 AM: Term isn’t “insane” anymore – it’s “not criminally responsibe” or NCR.

11:39 AM: So test for NCR is if accused knew right from wrong due to mental disorder.

11:45 AM: Yaren says when 1st met w/ Li, Li agitated and would not talk other than yes + no.

11:49 AM: Yaren tells court he saw Li 19 times for about total of 12 hours. He also spoke to Li’s wife.

11:52 AM: Yaren says Li suffering severe psychotic disorder, hearing “God’s” voice to protect himself.

11:53 AM: Li on GH bus sat next to McLean because McLean gave him friendly nod.

11:55 AM: Li told Yaren he heard “God” say McLean was “force of evil” out to kill him.

11:57 AM: Li then “commanded” by voice to behead McLean so McLean not come to life.

11:59 PM: Yaren tells WPG court Li schizophrenic.

12:04 PM: Big question now is: Can Li be treated for eventual release from secure hospital/facility?

12:12 PM: Yaren tells court Li gentle, polite, humble respecful of authority and hard worker.

12:14 PM: Crown: Why kill McLean?

12:15 PM: Yaren: “He genuinely believed he was about to be executed.”

12:17 PM: Crown: Why Greyhound bus? Yaren: Didn’t matter. Could be anywhere.

12:24 PM: Crown: Why did Li’s illness get worse? Yaren: Stigma of mentall illness. Denial of it.

12:30 PM: Crown: Was McLean’s killing predictable? Yaren: No. Li had no history of violence. Court breaks for noon hour. Back @ 2.

1:56 PM: Back in court. Li just came in. He’s wearing dark suit jacket. Walks with shuffle cause of leg irons, head down. looks at no one.

1:59 PM: Dr Stanley Yaren still on stand. Says Li mutilated in delusional frenzy so McLean not come back to life.

2:01 PM: Crown: If Li allowed off GH bus would mutilation happen? Yaren: We’ll never know.

2:03 PM: Yaren says Li denies eating body parts of McLean. Appears to have out of mind.

2:06 PM: Crown: What’s chance of recovery for Li? Yaren: Li has potential for significant recovery.

2:08 PM: Crown: Is Li faking? Yaren: Not logical to become monster and then fake it so quickly.

2:14 PM: Going thru Li’s prior mental health run-ins in ONT. few years before McLean’s slaying.

2:16 PM: Court told Li diagnosed w/ schizophrenia in ONT. Heard “God’s” voice then.

2:17 PM: Yaren tells court Li disputed finding and did not need treatment.

2:22 PM: Court hears while beheading McLean on bus, Li told driver to “Call emergency.”

2:24 PM: Yaren tells court Li expressed reget, that maybe he made mistake by listening to “evil god”.

2:25 PM: Yaren also says just recently Li expressed reget for McLean’s family.

2:28 PM: Yaren says Li believes he will be punished by God for his deed. Also on anti-psychotics.

2:30 PM: Yaren: most recent delusion for Li, God tells Li to starve himself to death.

2:36 PM: Crown: When can Li be released? Yaren: We don’t know.

2:38 PM: Crown: If Li fd NCR where should he be held? Yaren: Secure hospital ward. Li still danger to us and himself.

2:41 PM: Yaren: Li a decent person. Li a victim just like Mclean and McLean’s family..

2:43 PM: Dr. Yaren says McLean’s grieving family should not hate Li.

2:45 PM: “Don’t hate the person, hate the disease,” Yaren tells court. Blame the stigma for people not getting help.

3:01 PM: In a break at Law Courts. The day will end when Dr. Yaren finishes his testimony.

3:04 PM: At this point doesn’t appear any doubt Li is not mentally fit to stand trial as Yaren is a Crown witness, not defence.

3:10 PM: Final word if Li not fit to stand trial is up to QB Judge John Scurfield altho it appears to be already decided based on testimony.

3:31 PM: Li’s lawyers now in x-exam of Yaren, hammering home Li was deeply delusional on day McLean killed + mutilated.

3:34 PM: Yaren finishes testimony. Yaren ends saying Li thought sun was source of voice in his head.

3:36 PM: Court adjourned. Li cuffed and led out by five sheriffs. Starts @ 10 Wed.

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