Day 2 of the Vincent Weiguang Li trial wrapped up today just before 11am. It was a short court day with only one witness, Dr. Rootenberg on stand for the defence. Judge John Scurfield will be making his decision at 10am tomorrow morning. From the looks of it, the crown has given in and Vincent Weiguang Li will be found NOT criminally responsible (NCR) for the murder of Tim McLean.

Hit the jump to read today’s trial unfold from Winnipeg Free Press reporter Bruce Owen via twitter.

** Contains graphic material that may offend some readers **

9:53 AM: Courtroom 210 @ WPG Law Courts is again packed. McLean family here again.

9:57 AM: Li now being brought in. When he comes in there’s an immediate hush. All you hear is clinking of cuffs in this big courtroom.

10:03 AM: Doctor tells court Li did not know what he did to McLean was wrong, was “quite psychotic” at time of killing.

10:06 AM: Dr. Rootenberg says Li suffers from “major mental illness”, hearing voices/delusions.

10:08 AM: Dr. tells court Li was born with illness. Can he recover? No. Can only be managed.

10:11 AM: Why kill McLean? Li’s mental illness was not treated. Since killing under 24 hr watch. Li NOTfaking.

10:14 AM: Dr. Rootenberg tells fitness hearing Li believed “God’s” hands killed McLean, who Li saw as “demon”.

10:16 AM: Court hears Li had to separate McLean’s body parts so McLean not come back to life.

10:20 AM: Rootenberg finishes bulk of testimony by Li’s lawyer Alan Libman. More extensive medical reports filed as exhibits.

10:24 AM: Crown x-exam of Rootenberg: Dr. says in time Li may “process/reconcile” what he did to McLean.

10:26 AM: Court says Li in only in very early stages of treatment. Possible Li suppressed some memory of McLean’s slaying.

10:29 AM: Crown: Is Li a high risk? Witness: Yes, significant risk. Kill again? No, if keeps up treatment.

10:38 AM: Crown asking questions about Li’s mental history in ONT about five years ago when hospitalized there. Judge says no bearing on case.

10:41 AM: Dr. Rootenberg ends testimony. Now in closing arguments. Defence says Li should go to hosital for treatment, not prison.

10:42 AM: Defence says court should find Li Not Criminally Responsibe (NCR).

10:45 AM: If found NCR, which all agree most likely, Li held in secure facility for indefinite time period, perhaps even rest of his life.

10:48 AM: Defence finishes it’s final. Now Crown’s turn: “This man must be crazy.”

10:52 AM: Crown is Joyce Dalmyn. She tells QB judge John Scurfield Li meets NCR criteria, he did not appreciate horror of his act.

10:56 AM: Scurfieldl: He adjourns hearing until 10 a.m. for proper oral decison given high publicity of case.

10:59 AM: To recap: QB Judge John Scurfield will give his decision @ 10 a.m. Thursday on whether Li is NCR for mutilation-slaying of Tim McLean.

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