Congratulations to the following who enjoyed a special advanced screening of 17 Again yesterday.

Here is what our winners would do if they were 17 again…

If I were seventeen again I would have made my move.

If i were 17 again i would redo high school grad and make it really worth remembering. I would also take the chance i had to attend university and go out to parties to meet new people and gain new experiences and life stories to share in the future.

King Au
If i was 17 again, i’d lay mad pipe to all the ladies

Sarah Rogalsky
If I were 17 again, I would make sure to enjoy my last year of high school and take the good with the bad. And more importantly realize that I’ll regret the things that I didn’t do rather than the ones that I did

If I were 17 again, I would have joined my high school basketball & volleyball team. One thing I wouldn’t changed is getting together with my boyfriend back then and now fiance…high school sweethearts rule!! =)

If I was 17 again – I would do everything that is humanly possible to make sure I had the same long flowing haircut as Zac Efron does.

If I were 17 again, I would have done everything I could to enjoy my last year of high school, no matter what it took.

if i were “17″ again i would live life differently. I would live it each day at a time instead of always thinking of the upcoming days and counting down the days till i turned 18. Just because i am of a legal age now it sucks because i didnt celebrate it just right and i would love to re do my graduation. different dress different friends to hang out with pretty much different everything.

if i was 17 again, I would pursue my dancing and played more sports…after that go to university…I would of acted more of my age than acted a lot more responsible…lol
but if it wasnt for mr. zac efron; i wouldnt be watching this movie…its because of him i enter this contest and regist to accesswinnipeg…yehaaa…
i just love his eyeS

Thanks to everyone who joined our contest!