Or rather, will show you if you’re top notch enough to win. Local competition never stills in this city and the WDD is inviting everyone to come prove it.

Winnipeg Diamond Dance is proud to announce their first annual: HIP HOP DANCE COMPETITION 2009 WITH DJ MISS M.

DIAMOND DANCE HIP HOP COMPETITION 2009 is a competitive dance event that provides performers with opportunities to showcase the artistry and technique of hip-hop dance. Crews showcase their ultimate works of art in a 3-5 minute clean song routines. Creativity, showmanship and artistic freedom are always rewarded provided integrity, good taste and safety are not compromised.

The most captivating hip-hop routines contain a variety of styles, original moves, showmanship and engaging music. There is no one definition to describe hip-hop dance. Hip-hop is a fusion of dance disciplines and cultural interpretation from around the world. A hip hop routine incorporates the look, music, attitude, posture and street style to make it uniquely hip-hop. The most real hip hop routines showcase a variety of old school and new school moves and choreography conveying the character and energy of the street.

DATE: Thursday, May 14 @ BLUSH ULTRACLUB

GRAND PRIZE: $1000.00 cash

RULES AND GUIDELINES Crews must REGISTER through info@winnipegdiamonddance.com by Wednesday, May 1, 2009

Entry Changes or Substitutions: For circumstances beyond the control of crew members, substitutions/additions of participants in the crew may be made.

Performance criteria and point value: Performance Creativity Staging, Spacing, Formations, and Level changes Showmanship, Intensity, Confidence, Projection & Presence, Street Presence/Attire Entertainment, Value/Crowd Appeal, Street Dance Styles from early foundation to present: Locking Popping B-boying/B-girling (breaking), Wacking, Punking, Vogueing, House Dance, Party Dances or Club Dances (popular or trendy dances) Hip Hop Dance/Choreography and/ Krumping.

I’ll be there to reflect on my washed-up self. Check out the official site at www.winnipegdiamonddance.com.

Thanks Kevin A.!

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