Winnipeg is going bike-friendly with 3 new initiatives that hope to get you out of the car and onto your bicycles.

2009 Winnipeg Cycling Map
The new Cycling Map will replace a 1999 version that was created for the Pan-Am games. It is available at various bike shops in Winnipeg. To find the nearest location call 925-5686.

OttoCycle GPS
The OttoCycle GPS project is a data collection project that will track 900 cyclists between May and October. The Centre for Sustainable Transportation and the City of Winnipeg will be able to see where potential cycling infrastructure could be built in Winnipeg. If you cycle more than once a week and interested in joining, you can sign up by emailing or calling 988-7182.

Bike to Work Day
On Friday, June 19 2009, Winnipeg will be promoting Bike-To-Work-Day. More information can be found at

It looks like great news for cyclists all around Winnipeg! Fortunately, the city didn’t include the Naked Bike Ride in its plans.


Image London to Brighton Bike Ride 2008 Originally uploaded by aneye4apicture