I made my first stop to BDI (Bridge Drive-In) this 2009 season. My trip to Winnipeg’s favorite Ice Cream shop was almost cut short due to rain – but the skies quickly cleared and the next thing I know I’m heading to 766 Jubilee Ave. for some Ice Cream. This is the perfect time to enjoy BDI. It was busy as usual, but minus the mosquitos and moths that the river draws in during the blazing summer days.

Special thanks to everyone on Twitter who let me know that it has opened up for the season. I picked up a Reese’s Pieces Flurry. The amount of Reese’s in this thing was amazing. I would say six pieces at least!

The river level was still pretty high but you can tell that it has dropped quite a bit. At the end of the BDI bridge you can still see various houses with their sand bags up.

Here are some photos…

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