Online gaming news haven, Kotaku, has recently quoted Randall King of our beloved Winnipeg Free Press. He had written a review of T4 Salvation and it was pretty relentless in it’s assault againts the movie. What caught Kotaku’s eyes though, was the fact that King and many other reviewers would all relate some aspect of it to a video game.

Was the movie that bad? Actually, hold on… are video games that bad?!

Was the Half-Life script not well written? Is Metal Gear’s universe not deep enough? Granted, like all opinions, my love for the medium is subjective. I’m probably more offended these reviewers are ripping T4 to shreds over the fact they’re belittling video games. King’s comment wasn’t even that bad compared to some of these either.

King says :“(Moon) Bloodgood projects all the gritty humanity of a sexy video-game character” He didn’t like the acting.

John Hartl of The Seattle Times says :“… More video game than movie, “Terminator Salvation” is the fourth and easily the least-entertaining installment in one of Hollywood’s most successful science-fiction franchises.” Ouch.

I love Metal Gear. You can check out King’s review of Teriminator Salvation. He sounds like he’s a real Terminator fan, which may or may not have had an impact on the expectations he could’ve carried into the theatre with him. Also, he hates Transformers toys.


Thanks to Rudy R. for the tip!

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