Our federal and provincial leaders have begun plans to stimulate our province’s sports programs. They’ll be dishing out an amazing $177.5 million in funding, which will include a massive sports complex in Winnipeg. Plans for the officially dubbed, True North MoosePlex Hockey Canada Centre, have been set to build this beast on the west end of Portage Ave.

This thing sounds pretty monstrous.

– 4 NHL size rinks
– 20 player dressing rooms
– A pro shop
– High performance training facilities
– 30,000 square feet of leasable space

And that’s just what’s been announced so far. The hockey rinks themselves are going to have their own seating capacities, with the largest estimated to be about 1,500.

CBCnews reports that the largest portion of the funding for this complex is coming from chairmain of True North Sports & Entertainment and Moose owner, Mark Chipman. With the MTS Centre under his belt, he’s clearly out to make Winnipeg the hockey bastion it was destined to be.

Take that water park!


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