You no longer have to stick little Fido in cage during that quick flight to grandmas. Beginning on Canada Day, Air Canada will allow small pets in their aircraft cabins.

If you do plan on bringing Fido, you will have to book early. No more than two to four pets will be allowed per flight. The pets can weigh no more than 10 kilograms in their carrier, which will have to be small enough to fit under a seat.

The cost will be $50 per North American flight, or $100 per over-seas flight. If you have any allergies, it is extremely important that you mention it when booking your flight. Staff will take allergies into consideration when seating passengers.

This is a great move for Air Canada since competitors such as West Jet already allow pets in their cabins.

Now… just for the hell of it…. MOTHER F***N SNAKES ON THIS MOTHER F***N PLANE… woops, I mean monkey fighting snakes on this monday to friday plane.


Image Cat in a Plane Originally uploaded by Paul_T