This Saturday June 27th Armstrong point will be hosting a tour of seven of the neighborhood’s most extravagant and significant homes. Tickets are 25$ per person and are available at Mcnally Robinson. For more information you can call 510-4803.

Personally I think thats quite a pricey tour but if you’re not going to Rock on the Range and you’ve always wanted a real life 4 hour version of MTV’s Cribs, this tour could be for you. I’m sure one of the houses will be the famous U of M Alumna association house, which is impressive even from the curb. If anyone wants the much cheaper “Free driving tour” of Armstrong point, just go North over the Sherbrooke side of the Maryland bridge and take the first right, directly across the street from the Misericordia Hospital. You won’t get inside the homes unless you ring the doorbell and ask politely but it is much cheaper.