Is Winnipeg starting it’s own show? Extreme Make-Over: Park Edition.

Central Park isn’t the only park getting a face lift. Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg’s largest park, is also getting a multi-million dollar redevelopment project.

The centre of the plan is the redevelopment of the Assiniboine Park Zoo including a new arctic exhibit, primate enclosure and a new polar bear exhibit.

Within the park will be a new conservatory, a playground for kids with things like tree forts, and winter and summer slides. The duck pond will also be 3 times larger than it is now.

The best part is a new water attraction that will let you tube down a rushing river.

Construction is expected to begin by the end of the year and be complete in 10 years. Looks like Winnipeg has a very nice future a head of it… first a new stadium, then a water park, now a beefed up Assiniboine Park!


Image Assiniboine Park – 4 Originally uploaded by D.B.T.