After going down by two goals in the first half Brazil came out strong in the second to score three unanswered goals and win the finals of the 2010 Confederation Cup. I can only assume Brazil received a rousing, Disney sports-movie style, halftime pep talk to fuel the entertaining comeback. Amidst the sound of 30,000 of those plastic horns the South African fans seem to love, you could almost hear the American hearts break as they watched their lead dissolve and their Cinderella story came to an end.

Clint Dempsey had great touch, on an unlikely looking cross, to redirect the ball past Julio Cesar and open the scoring only ten minutes in. Shortly after one of my least favorite American players, Landon Donovan, scored my favorite kind of goal, a quick counter-attack effort, to put the US up an unbelievable 2-0.

Brazil came out for the second half and answered the best they could, with an emphatic turn-and-fire goal from striker Fabiano only a minute in. Kaka could have headed home the equalizer but the ref felt that US goalkeeper Tim Howard kept the ball from crossing the line (video replay suggests otherwise). Kaka was apparently angry about it because he kept up the tempo and with a blistering run managed to put the ball onto Fabiano’s head to give him his second goal of the game and the equalizer in the 74th minute. Six minutes later Brazilian Captain Lucio would head home the GWG off a corner kick.

Image Aerial action Originally uploaded by Cajie