Parents will no longer have to worry with their children playing on those dangers cliffs at The Forks.

Construction will begin next year for a new playground located just east of the Scotiabank Stage. A few old play structures used to be in the exact area, but were recently torn down.

The new playground will incorporate elements of the history of The Forks. It is created through a joint effort from Parks Canada and Variety Children’s Charity.

I think its great that they are bringing back the playgrounds at The Forks… I can not stress how often I see little kids climbing those high murals near the Children’s Museum. This should provide a safer play for children to climb, play, and learn about the history of The Forks.

The Forks is quickly becoming fun for all ages! Seniors can go bird watching, teens/preteens can go skateboarding, children can play in the playground, and everyone else can shop/eat at The Forks market.