The 2009 NBA Finals officially tips off tonight in Los Angles at 8pm on both ABC and TSN (Available in HD). You bet that every celebrity in Hollywood will be there.

This is your last chance to vote on the Official NBA Finals poll. The poll will close once the game starts – let’s see if we can get it right!

Orlando Magic Playoff Run:
Round 1: Philadelphia 76ers 4-2
Round 2: Boston Celtics 4-3
Conference Finals: Cleavland Cavaliers 4-2

Los Angles Lakers Playoff Run:
Round 1: Utah Jazz 4-1
Round 2: Houston Rockets 4-3
Conference Finals: Denver Nuggets 4-2

2008/09 Season Series:
December 20, 2008: Magic win 106-103 (@ ORL)
January 16, 2009: Magic win 109-103 (@ LAL)

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