Grant’s Whisky, Canada’s top selling Scotch Whisky, has teamed up with the Manitoba Liqueur Control Commission to give us a new way to enjoy our alcoholism night life.

They will introduce a new method of whisky sampling via Microsoft Surface. Surface is one of Microsoft’s newest innovations that features a touch screen table with various applications. Think of it as a large iPhone that you can place your drinks and food on.

I had a chance to try out Microsoft Surface when I was in Las Vegas. The table gave me the option to order drinks by touching and browsing through interactive menus on the screen. I could also send messages to the group of girls sitting at a Microsoft Surface table across the room, I was quickly put on their ignore list. Various other applications were also available such as bowling, golf, and YouTube.

The Microsoft Surface set is scheduled to come out at select Manitoba Liqueur Marts and Winnipeg’s top social destinations the week of June 15, 2009.

Image Surface Originally uploaded by marilink