Sony continues to mimic Nintendo, releasing the third hardware version of the PSP video game system. These photos of the PSP Go are not schedule to be released until E3, but they have leaked onto various tech blogs.

Nintendo has the DS, Sony has the PSP. Nintendo has the DS Lite, Sony has the PSP Slim. Nintendo has the DSi, and now Sony has the PSP Go.

The PSP Go still has only a single analog stick but now has a sleek sliding out screen similar to a SideKick. It will have Bluetooth and a memory card slot (probably a Sony Mem Stick format) in addition to the 16GB of internal memory.

The PSP Go will not replace the current PSP. It is meant to be a ‘lite’ version of the PSP and be 43% lighter than its predecessor. The Go will not have a UMD slot, instead the 16GB of internal memory will be meant for online downloads of games. The screen will be slightly smaller to a 3.8″ LCD compared to 4.3″ LCD on the regular PSPs.

There is no slated release date yet for the PSP Go but is expected to be out Q3 of 2009.

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