There are 2 things guaranteed for a long weekend.

1) Gas prices will go up

2) City police will be out with their sobriety checkpoints

For those of you who drink and drive, this warning is for you. I’ve got a couple friends who have lost their licenses for a year due to drinking and driving … AND THOSE WERE THE LUCKY ONES.

A friend of my mom’s lost her son due to a drinking and driving accident. For those of you who say, “oh, that’s because they were wasted, I’m never that drunk when I drive”, you’re an idiot. Really.

Your friends could very well say that you’re fine because they’re drunk too and just want a ride home (or to the next party). That doesn’t work.

What I’ve found is that it’s way more enjoyable to just take a cab or arrange to have a girlfriend/boyfriend pick you up later. I’m 27 and if I called my mom at 3 AM after a night of drinking because I needed a ride, she would still come get me because the alternative of me driving home could end much worse.

Moral of the story? Grow up and be responsible. Take a cab and just drink responsibly!!! Because if you are drunk, I’ll be the sober driver behind you calling the cops on you.

Image sobriety checkpoint Originally uploaded by McBLG97