The City released information on the most popular 311 request and it looks like we have a lot of golfers using the service.

For 2009, the city has already logged a total of 950,818 inquiries to the 311 service.

Top five most frequent requests for city services:
1. Golf tee time bookings (6,092 service requests)
2. Parking/ticket payment (3,587 service requests)
3. Neighbourhood Livability complaints (3,267 service requests)
4. Recreation & Leisure registration (3,219 service requests)
5. Requests for bulky pick up/autobin (2,578 service requests)

Top five most frequent information requests:
1. Transit: bus schedule (117,669 inquiries)
2. Assessment & Tax (15,020 inquiries)
3. Recreation and Leisure (10,038 inquiries)
4. Water services (8,632 inquiries)
5. Street maintenance (8,288 inquiries)

I’ve used the 311 service a total of one time, it was to get information on a power outage in my area (they referred me to Manitoba Hydro)


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