Despite our crime rates dropping we’re still at the top of a few crime categories according to a list compiled by Statistics Canada. Perhaps even more notable and unfortunate than retaining our homicide crown is that despite auto theft dropping by 44% we’re still at the top of the list. Apparently the list is a little misleading because it counts attempts as well as actual thefts, and that if unsuccessful attempts were not counted we might drop from the number one spot, so take small comfort in that.

Crime Rank Rate per 100,000 % Change
– Overall crime 3rd 8,152 (-16%)
– Violent crime 2nd 1,395 (0%)
– Homicide 1st 4.1 (N/A)
– Robbery 1st 233 (-23%)
– Break and enter 2nd 780 (-23%)
– Auto theft 1st 956 (-44%)


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